Our distinguished five day, four night retreat is hospitality for the soul in its purest form. We understand that rarely do people feel seen and listened to at a soul-level. We create the time, space, and atmosphere where you and your spouse can experience a deeper vulnerability where change can happen. 

What sets our retreat apart? We take one couple at a time. You have our full attention, our complete focus.

On retreat, you will experience the equivalent of three months of intensive counseling in five days, with both Joey and Robyn, two professional counselors. Your retreat also includes seven of 12 meals, four nights of accommodations, and special extras, like "date night" and other fun elements that will make your retreat memorable.

Others have described their retreat experience as...

 Transforming | Deep | Renewing | Marriage-saving | Rejuvenating | Hope-Filled


What will yours be?


A Retreat By the Sea

Your five day, four night retreat, hosted at Halfmoon Inn and Suites, is nestled on Shelter Island, an ideal setting to unwind and restore with twice daily, extended counseling sessions and ample time for rest. With the San Diego skyline across the bay, you will enjoy 10 | 10's hospitality along with the amenities of a boutique-sized resort: beautiful, lush grounds, spacious accommodations, noteworthy restaurants and coffee shops you can walk or bike to, and multiple recreational opportunities.



A Retreat in the Mountains

Your five day, four night retreat, hosted in a well-appointed, charming cabin, is tucked away in the mile-high quaint town of Prescott, Arizona. Privacy, first-class hospitality, and twice daily extended counseling sessions allow you to replenish and relax. Explore the award-winning courthouse square, coffee houses, and seasonal outdoor entertainment. Enjoy hiking, biking, boulder climbing, or kayaking around the nearby lakes and trails. Or, simply nap by the window or linger under the tall pines just outside.


2022 Dates

Check out the dates below and contact us for more information about our intensive, restorative retreats with both Joey and Robyn, your personal counselors. 

What are you waiting for?

February 28th - March 4th (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - March 7th - 11th (San Diego)

SOLD OUT - March 21st - 25th (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - March 28th - April 1st (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - April 4th - 8th (San Diego)

May 2nd - 6th (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - May 16th - 20th (San Diego)

SOLD OUT - June 6th - 10th (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - June 13th - 17th (Prescott)

June 24-26th (Couples Group Retreat at The Oaks)

SOLD OUT -  July 11th - 15th (Prescott or San Diego)

SOLD OUT -  July 18th - 22nd (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - August 8th - 12th (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - September 12th - 16th (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - September 26th - 30th (San Diego)

SOLD OUT - October 3rd - 7th (San Diego)

October 24th - 28th (Prescott)

October 31st - November 4th (Prescott)

November 7th - 11th (Prescott)

SOLD OUT - November 28th - December 2nd (San Diego)

December 5th - 9th (Prescott)

December 12th - 16th (Prescott)


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