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Thankfully, because of our committed, generous donors, we are able to offer partial scholarships. If you are in full time ministry, are ready to take the next step, and financial stress is a barrier to moving forward, we want to help.

How to Apply:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Pick your preferred resource from our approved provider page. Contact them and confirm they have openings for the service you are seeking BEFORE proceeding to step two.

Let your selected provider know you were referred by 10|10 Ministries. Some of our providers offer an adjusted rate from 10|10 referrals. This may provide enough financial relief for your circumstance. If not, proceed to step three.

Fill out the "10|10 Scholarship Application" form below.

Wait until you are contacted by 10|10 for approval BEFORE beginning care with your selected provider. If approved, complete the "10|10 Client | Provider Agreement" form that will be included in your scholarship notification.. 

At the end of the service as it pertains to the scope of the scholarship, or at any time you would like to give feedback regarding your experience, return to this page to complete the "10|10 Client | Provider Evaluation" form.

Scholarship Applicaton

Scholarship Application 

The application will take 15-20 minutes to complete. Please be descriptive in your answers. We are committed to supporting you during this connection process of matching your current need to the best resource. After review, you will receive a confirmation email or call indicating whether a scholarship is approved, along with the designated amount if applicable. Please note, although scholarships are not guaranteed, it is our desire to help relieve financial burden.

On a scale of 1-5, indicate the level of severity/crisis you are currently experiencing?

= We are not in crisis. We are seeking growth.

= We are not in a good place. We are in crisis.  

Have you confirmed availability for you to receive this requested service?
If you are seeking an ongoing service, like counseling, coaching, or spiritual direction, please indicate approximately how many sessions you anticipate.

Please CAREFULLY read 10|10's scholarship policies and procedures below and answer the following question.

1. Scholarship amounts may vary depending on service and client’s need. When possible and applicable, an approved service provider will first establish a pre-negotiated rate with 10|10 Ministries as it pertains to 10|10’s commitment of scholarship payout and the service provided. Any other negotiated rate beyond this and/or the scholarship amount is solely between the provider and the client.


2. In the event a client requests additional assistance, beyond the scope of the original agreement, the client may re-apply. Approval by 10|10 is required and not guaranteed.


3. All clients participating in the scholarship program must give written consent BEFORE the approved service provider can share relevant information about the client’s care  with 10|10 Ministries AND only if the approved service provider believes it is helpful in the client’s healing process. The approved service provider is responsible for the Release of Information (ROI) form. 


"Where a patient is present and has the capacity to make health care decisions, health care providers may communicate with a patient’s family members, friends, or other persons the patient has involved in his or her health care or payment for care, so long as the patient does not object.” [See 45 CFR 164.510(b) of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.] 


4. 10|10 Ministries will not provide or submit any information to the client’s health insurance. 


5. 10|10 will not pay for late cancellations or “no shows” as defined by the participating service provider’s policy. The outstanding balance is the sole responsibility of the client to rectify. Any future releasing of scholarship funds will be re-evaluated only after any outstanding fees are made current to the service provider. The service provider must also approve any further continued service.


6. 10|10 will not be liable for any disagreements, disputes, misunderstandings, or outcomes as a result of the client and provider relationship. 


7. 10|10 Ministries will not disburse or reimburse any scholarship directly to the client. All transactions must occur between 10|10 and the approved service provider when possible. If not possible, an exception will be made in that the client is required to show receipt of payment for service from the approved service provider. 10|10 will reimburse the designated scholarship amount to the client, referencing the approved service provider’s invoice number and/or service indicated in the memo.


8. An invoice or receipt of payment by your provider is required for any service provided and will be kept on file within 10|10. 


9. In the event that a service, such as a conference, retreat, or online course, requires prepayment in part (i.e. a deposit) or in full, 10|10 Ministries will honor such requirements and pay their agreed upon portion of the scholarshipped amount when necessary. However, the client is to pay the initial required deposit to the approved service provider when possible, but not to exceed the client’s agreed upon portion of total cost of service. The exception to this policy applies when an approved service provider allows only one source of payment. In this scenario, the client and 10|10 will agree on the best course of action with the understanding that a portion of reimbursement may be required between the client and 10|10 directly.


10. 10|10 Ministries will process all invoices as submitted by the approved service provider once a month. The client is not responsible for this aspect of scholarship payout. Invoices to be processed in the current month must be received by the 10th of the month or they will be processed the following month. 

Do you understand AND agree to abide by the 10|10 Scholarship policies and procedures as stated above?

Thank you! We have received your application.

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