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Get to know us and what compels us to do this work.


Taken at Forest Home Chapel where we first dated.


Twenty-six years ago, while at Fuller Theological Seminary, we realized that many of our peers would experience burnout in ministry in a shorter time than it took to officially prepare for it. From there began our desire to serve ministry leaders, both individuals and couples.

Through the seasons we have personally wrestled exhaustion, overload, and the disconnect that often follows, and we are compelled with compassion for the weary.

Both of us were born and raised in Southern California, Joey at the beach and Robyn 40 miles inland. In 2005, we moved from Pasadena to the quaint town of Prescott, Arizona.

Married 28 years, we love to explore new places, read good books on the dock or coffee shop, and restore things. (Check out our IG stories to see our cabin and RV reno.) 

Our two kids, Clayton (20) and Maddy (18), are our pride and joy. They've turned us into GCU Lopes fans, where they both attend.

Our Story


Joey and Robyn are Board Certified Christian Counselors and members of AACC.  Their non-anxious presence, gentle truth telling, and personal authenticity foster contagious growth in those around them.

Robyn (MS,Cal Poly/ MsMFT, Fuller) is a professional speaker, teacher, counselor, and coach. 

Joey (BA, Westmont/ MDIV, Fuller) runs a private counseling practice. He has served as a hospice chaplain, worship leader, and an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University.

(Check out, to explore all we offer.) 


There is a spiritual fight going on.

We need to intentionally stay connected with Jesus.

We live fast-paced lives, distorting our perceptions of ourself, others, and God.

We need to slow down and challenge these distortions.

We have settled for shallow fixes to our anxieties, constraining our soul.

We need space to be honest and care for ourselves.

We are living lives marked by excessiveness and busyness.

We need a place to rest and recalibrate.

We are expected to produce beyond our capacity.

We need permission to acknowledge our limits.

We unintentionally neglect our most important relationships for the demands of our ministry.

We need to deliberately and regularly nourish them.

We are afraid to stop.

We need to trust and practice Sabbath rest.

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Our Background
What We Believe
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