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Statement of Faith

God loves people, and because of this, we can, and should, love and care for people, whoever they are, and wherever they are in life. 


God, who is One, and revealed in three Persons (Father, Son, Spirit), created this world from nothing and is still actively involved in this world and in people’s lives, ultimately redeeming the broken creation to a new creation one day. 


God revealed himself in the person of Jesus, who is God in human form, and shows us how to live and where to go. Jesus is our model for loving others, walking humbly, doing justice. He is our teacher in what is good and right. He openly and lovingly embraces every person of every worldview. 


Jesus is the only way to God, and through Him we are invited and empowered to have a real relationship that will last forever. He made this possible because he died in our place and came back to life, beating death and securing a place for us with him, both now and forever if we’ll join him by confessing our sin, inviting him in, and following him.


God has displayed himself in the beauty and intricacies of this created world, and also through his specific narrative in all Scripture, the Old and New Testaments, which is completely accurate and authoritative for our lives. 

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